Paula's Double Partner

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Bone Crushers
  •   10 joueur Single Elimination
  •   Dominoes
  •   5 September 2017 à 16:00 CST
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  • Paula's Partner: Two Pairs Single Elimination
  • One pair (male-female) play one game of 5/150 each against the opposing pair
  • One pair (male-female) play one game of block to 50 against the opposing pair
  • 3 days per round.
  • Team with most points wins
  • Anyone can send. Don’t wait on the other team. 
  • If you have slow play issues, let us know.
  • If nobody complains we assume there are no issues. 
  • A player with no moves or game acceptance in a 24 hour span will get that game forfeited.
  • If your opponent has not made a move within 12 hours, please notify us with a screenshot.
  • Any declined or resigned games will count as a win for the opposing player(s)


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